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How meditation improved my mental health

Updated: Oct 4, 2022

In the years of searching for ways to deal with my depression, PTSD, and Anxiety, I never thought meditation was an option. Although intrigued by it, I felt it was just closing my eyes and drifting off to an unknown place to escape reality. For me and many others, that reality was a darkness-filled world.

Recovering from mental illness is an ongoing process. Over time, I realized we must be open to trying different methods to find answers and relief.

HOW TO START WITH MEDITATION The day I decided to give meditation a go was the day my life changed. Not knowing how it works, I researched and found guided meditations for assisting with depressionand meditations from Dr.Joe Dispenza, which were very helpful, empowering, and suited to my personal needs.

I promised to be non-judgmental and not to pressure myself during the process. Patience was key. Slowly, I started meditating after waking up and before going to sleep. I practiced in a separate, quiet room from my bedroom. I would try to disconnect from my depression, PTSD, and anxiety during my meditations and focus on positively reprogramming my thoughts. Over time it became a daily routine that would mark the beginning of my recovery process.

BEST MEDITATION FOR MENTAL HEALTH We all suffer from mental illness for different reasons. Therefore it is good to look at possible causes and personal needs to determine which meditation will benefit you most. In my case, my mental illness was mainly based on childhood trauma and abuse. [why do we hold on to trauma] For that reason, I focused primarily on:

- Inner Child Meditation

- Self-Love Meditation

- Mindfulness Meditation

Click here for a list of different meditations.

THE BENEFITS OF MEDITATION Not knowing what to expect, I did not see significant results straight away. But over time, I started to feel more relaxed and calm. My way of thinking shifted­­ positively. I had fewer obsessive thoughts [how to snap out of obsessive thoughts] and could handle my dark episodes better. My sleepless nights became less frequent, and I slowly regained energy. My mind became stronger day by day. [ you are not your mind]


Meditation can improve your mental health and form a base for a strong mindset. It can add much-needed direction on your way toward recovery, and you can easily implement it in your current treatment plan.

Did you ever try meditation to improve your mental health? Let’s talk about it in the comments below.

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