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 We all experience and deal differently with trauma.

Gradually and progressively, we build our behavior and life around it until we get stuck and feel there's no way out. 

To understand trauma, we must know that trauma leaves an imprint on the mind, brain, and body. 
Therefore it is essential to work on all three for change and transformation to take place.













When a past traumatic experience has impacted our brain and body, we can release stress hormones.

This happens in an attempt to keep us safe. Short-term, this is necessary when we are in real danger,

but those stress hormones should drop when we are not in danger anymore.

Unfortunately, after a traumatic event, the body can hold on and decide not to drop these stress hormones,

leaving the body in a non-stop survival mode that blocks the body from growth, connection, and restoration.

Gladly we can teach our bodies to start to feel safe again and release pain and negative emotional

energy to begin our journey toward healing and transformation.

In my free coaching sessions, I show how to work on your brain, mind, and body toward growth and healing.


I will explain trauma responses, coping mechanisms, and subconscious beliefs.

But also how to effectively release the pain from your body as trauma gets deeply stored within.

I use the following methods to work on past trauma:

Mindfulness, Breathwork, Somatic exercises,

Inner child work,

Self-analysis, Trigger analysis and 
Re-programming subconsciousness 

I am here to create a safe place for you to be you.

Click here for free coaching sessions about triggers, childhood self-analysis, and more.

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