Sand Dunes


Adaptability is for me as a traveler and business owner very important. Sometimes things go not as planned and we have to either improvise or work with what is in reach in order to deal with our current situation. At the end of the day it will expand your capacity to handle change instead of giving your energy away on changing the circumstances. By that, you will have to change within yourself.  If you understand that you can thrive in whatever situation you find yourself. 


Being curious is an amazing value to have in order to grow and develop. Within my personal life I always find the urge to discover, explore, try new things and ask the ‘why’s’. The same counts for my business. I will always try to find new ways, methods and meanings to keep my company interesting and renewing.


Inner harmony is the foundation to our present and future but also to our acceptance of the past. It holds the ingredient towards success and a balanced life. It also teaches us to stay at peace and act confident when facing difficulties. When you have inner harmony, it will reflect on your business as well. It is very important for me that my business is a reflection of myself. Therefore inner-harmony is essential.

Inner Harmony

I’m committed in my personal life to everything that I do. The same counts for my business. I find it very important to be honest, disciplined and resilient. It is essential to being able to learn from mistakes and improve. That way you will always grow both personally and proffesionally.