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Hello, amazing human; I am grateful to meet you.

My name is Idalien Everts. After having suffered fifteen years from depression, anxiety, and PTSD, I have found a way through

deep inner work to overcome my childhood trauma and live a fulfilled life. 

Both from personal and global experience, I cannot emphasize enough that trauma blocks us from living our lives in a healthy and fulfilled way.

We all experience trauma throughout our lives, whether in childhood, adult life hood, or both. Gradually and progressively, we build our behavior and lives around our trauma until we get stuck and feel there's no way out.

When searching for help, finding our way through the complex healthcare system can be challenging. After fifteen years of therapy and medication, I had booked little results.

I realized that I mainly had focused on the mind for all these years, not learning that the body holds trauma, too, leaving the body in a non-stop survival mode that blocked it from growth, connection, and restoration.


After that realization, I started working intensively on my brain, mind, and body as a whole, ultimately redefining my trauma and transforming into my trauma-free self.

From that experience, I felt the need to guide others in rebuilding themselves after trauma and providing the right tools for healing and transformation. 

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